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Steroids – ABUSE or USE? (Citation Page)

I decided to layout my citation page as simple and explanatory as possible for the convenience of my audience. However, the last citation is in a formal citation style because the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette removed the article from their website. I found it more convenient to not lead my viewers to a broken link. I hope you enjoyed the video!


1st playing song: The Game by Motorhead


2nd playing song: Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles

(1:31-2:50) -1st picture used in video

(baseball) (0:14) – 2nd picture used in video

 (football) (0:21) -3rd picture used in video

 (bodybuilding) (0:28) – Information on hazards of steroid abuse

(0:41) – 4th picture used in video

(death) (0:51) – 5th picture used in video

(homerun) (1:06) 6th picture used in video

(touchdown) (1:13) 7th picture used in video

(awards) (1:20)

Dvorchak, Robert. “Good Uses for Steroids Overshadowed by Bad.” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 5 Oct. 2005. Web. 27 Mar. 2012.  – mintz info

(Information and quote from Alan Mintz) (1:39 & 2:05)


4/24 Blog #3

So… I have come to the conclusion, and many have agreed with me, that I am the ultimate procrastinator. I hate procrastinating. I find myself planning to do things all the time and they always seem to get pushed further and further back. I feel like I am doing it unconsciously. But when the assignment is almost due I feel dumbfounded that I would let myself wait this long to begin an assignment. I hope that as I progress through college I will overcome my procrastination because I know when I get to my more advanced classes I will really have to get it into gear.

4/24 Blog #2

The time has come where every one is worrying about finals and cramming information in their’ heads.I am glad that in my English class there isn’t any kind of final because it relieves me of having to worry about one more final! I feel like I definitely learned a lot from this class. My professor, in my opinion, was a great one because I definitely feel ready for my next classes that involve writing.

4/24 Blog Post #1

To any one that ever takes English 1060  with my professor and has to do the same portfolio 3 as I did… I would recommend jumping right into the assignment… Brainstorm every thing you learned from portfolio 2 and research even further for this portfolio and put all of your ideas for your video into a powerpoint. Powerpoints are effective because, like a video, they use slides. This way you do not have to confuse yourself with MovieMaker while you are still coming up with ideas for your video. You just simply use your ideas on powerpoint, which most of us started using around the 6th grade, and begin to make your powerpoint look as if it were a video.


Eng1060 Blog Post for 3/27

I’ve been getting very sick the past week. I went to the doctor a month or so back and the doctor had blood tests done for me because she had suspicion of me having stomach ulcers. When the results came back she informed me that no sign of an ulcer is there but prescribed me medication for ulcer and gas related pain. My mother has the same problem and takes the same medication. She says that she can take he medicine for a few weeks and then for a week or two can feel fine without the medication, After the second or so week the pain is back and she has to begin the medication again. I lost my medication last week and have been getting sick all week because of it. I don’t always feel sick, only after I eat. Sometimes for long periods of time though… I’ve been using my sickness as an excuse to myself to procrastinate. Luckily I found my medicine today when sorting my desk drawers in my dorm room. Hopefully this will further more reduce my wanting to procrastinate.

Eng1060 Blog Post for 3/27

In my last blog post I stated that procrastination is a key error to developing my paper. I just got off the phone with my father who was telling me all the grades I need to be making if I want to pursue my current major still. After deep thought I came to the conclusion that I have to quit procrastinating in all. To do this I need to quit thinking of my life problems and begin thinking, stressing, and even getting upset about my school problems. This will, by far, boost my motivation and not only help me get my work done, but do it to the best of my abilities.

Eng1060 Assigned Blog for 3/27

What I think is strong about my draft is that although it isn’t well developed yet, I still have some good information from well trusted cites.. At the moment I would give my draft a F because I haven’t any where near finished it. I will be working hard on it the next week every day to make sure I have a well developed portfolio by next week. What needs editing at this point is every thing. I need to step my game up on this paper and really show my professor that I can do this paper and I can do it right! My only pattern of errors right now is procrastination, in my next blog I will go on further about my problem with procrastination. I need to get more done before I seek revision.